“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”
Mark Twain
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We are an organization that chooses to focus relentlessly on what we know, where we can add the most value and what we are passionate about. Over the past 15 years, The Callière Group team has worked on staffing across the full spectrum of IT in all verticals among countless start-ups to global enterprise leaders.


  • Developers (LAMP, core C++ / Java, .NET, Ruby, Full Stack, mobile iOS / Android / Symbian, TCP/IP – yes,TCP/IP Developers exist and they’re awesome),
  • Systems Administrators, and Integrators.
  • Data Scientists, BI experts, and Data warehousing champions,
  • CRM & ERP professionals.
  • E-Commerce and Omni-Channel experts.
  • Network specialists, Infrastructure experts, Architects who range from solutions Architects through to Technical Architects, and RF & Microwave specialists.

We’ve learned a lot over the years, and are excited to stay focused on the front end innovations coming through disruptive and exciting technologies, such as D-Wave quantum computing, as they continue to arise.


Management can mean many things to many people. For the Calliere Group it means a deep understanding of the environments, business operations, and practitioner skills required to deliver the following at all organizational levels:

  • Motivation, Drive, and Inspiration
  • Operational and Financial Effectiveness
  • Organizational Design and Change Management
  • Business Transformation
  • Program/Project Management

Why work with The Callière Group?

  • 15 years of direct experience working alongside proven champions of industry among varying successful organizations at increasingly senior levels
  • We understand the ‘DNA’ required to achieve success with clients and the intangibles required for success within a fast paced start-up and established enterprise alike.

Skills that know no boundaries!

The skills required for success within the Management suite are highly sought after by our clients. Our broad network of candidates in this area are also often looking for roles in the industries in which they have developed a passion for through their work. We are well positioned to help organizations across industries to help with their key strategic and management roles. Please reach out so we can help you identify top candidates from our network.

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