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"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."
Henry Ford
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Our Name

The selection of the name Callière was the result of historic inspiration. The former Governor of Montreal, Louis-Hector de Callière, was of the formidable contributors to the countries growth. When Louis-Hector arrived at Montreal in 1684 the population of this frontier community was about 1,000 strong. Contraband and fraud thrived, regulated fur trade was non-existent, the town was hygienically unsound, and the Iroquois were not looking to be at peace with the newcomers.

In the ten years Louis-Hector spent in Montreal, he played a significant role in the military protecting the region from foreign assaults. As Governor, Louis-Hector was celebrated for having negotiated the Great Peace between the Iroquois and the Europeans, and thereby facilitating the growth of the country to continue relatively unabated.

The nature of our business, and in effect our primary modus operandi is to contribute uniformly to the employer and candidate’s strategic and successful growth. We achieve this by expertly exploring both the ambitions of the individual and that of the corporation. We then methodically negotiate bringing together complementary professionals in order to ensure that the team as a whole is moving in a progressive uniform direction. When this occurs, typically those involved are contributing to one another’s growth in a symbiotic manner resulting in their ultimate success.

Ideally, for our clients, our services are not called on due to crisis scenarios. However, the reality is we are often called on when difficult time-sensitive situations present themselves, and we enthusiastically return the call head-on.

Who We Are

The Callière Group is a boutique organization that provides tailored executive search, talent acquisition, and advisory services to meet the unique challenges our clients face. We pride ourselves on a collaborative approach. We partner with our clients to solve their most challenging talent acquisition and management needs. The Callière Group has a dependable foundation of recruiting Management Consulting, IT professionals and Management Executives from across industries with particular expertise helping organizations within the Professional Services; Financial Services; Retail and, Technology sectors.

Our outcome based approach is built on ensuring alignment of stakeholder needs. Our job is to provide our clients with the right candidates for their strategic talent requirements as well as to provide top tier advisory services. The Callière Group approach is one that is built to minimize organizational disruption; collaboratively defines and articulates an organization’s specific talent needs; and, best positions organizations and candidates for success.

The commitment to delivering results that organizations, employers and candidates demand and deserve is best achieved with Callière Group consultants. Consultants who have gained wisdom and foresight that can only come from direct Professional Services experience at all levels, ongoing training, and have significantly accrued time-tested experience in both successful and even unsuccessful project execution.

The Callière Group: An Accent on Excellence



Michael Dion-Rowlatt is Founder and Principal of the Callière Group and brings 14 years of recruitment experience working across diverse industries helping to solve complex IT centric talent management and acquisition challenges. In 2002 Michael co-founded a recruitment agency which grew to be comprised of roughly 20 consultants, catering to small start-ups, medium and large multinational organizations.
Clients included Deloitte, Amazon, and Manulife.

In 2008, Michael moved on to launch the Callière Group. Leveraging his experience hiring, training, and leading Recruitment Consultants, the objective is to build a collaborative approach focused on delivering the highest quality recruitment and advisory services for candidates and employers throughout Canada and the United States.

Michael prides himself on not only being able to understand the micro impact of a single hire for a company, but how that hire impacts the global vision and plans for the company. View Michael Dion-Rowlatt's profile on LinkedIn

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